Because there are so many variables when servicing your garments and accessories we can only provide estimates. Please call (310) 677-2982 for an accurate quote. Price does not include shipping.

Please be advised that due to the  rising cost of raw materials in the current economy,  we have to make adjustments.  These are starting prices. When the economy improves, we will pass the savings on to you our valuable customers.  Thank you for understanding.

Furniture   repair rate
Furniture – ask for quote
starting at - $95
Purse/Handbag<br />
 repair Purse/Handbag -
starting at $95
Purse/Handbag repair rate
Purse/Handbag - starting at $95
Leatherman University jacket repair rate
Letterman Varsity Jacket – $85.00
Leather Jacket  repair rate
Leather Jacket – $95
Sweater with Fur Combination repair rate
Sweater with Fur Combination – $50
Fur Coat  repair rate
Fur Coat Starting at $110
Shearling Jacket repair rate
Shearling Jacket – $105
Leather Chaps repair rate
Leather Chaps – $75
Leather Pants repair
Leather Pants – $75
Leather Long Coat  repair rate
Leather Long Coat – $125
Skirt - repair rate
Skirt – $75
Sheep Skin   repair rate
Sheep Skin – $50

Leather Boots - $45
Area Rug - repair rate
Area Rug – $2/ sq feet
Cow Skin Rug - repair rate
Cow Skin Rug – $110
Alterations   repair rate
Alterations – ask for quote
Beaded and Sequined repair Beaded and Sequined -
starting at $25
Wedding Gown  - repair rate
Wedding Gown starting at $155

Ugg Boots - $35

Alligator Suitcase -
ask for quote

Leather Gloves - $45
Leather Hat - $39