Super Hero

Attention Super Heroes!

Is your leather costume dirty, bloody or full of sweat stains from all your crime-fighting? Come to us and we will clean your garments to look presentable again to all your fans. And if you’re worried about your arch-villain, rest assured that your secret identity will be safe with us.

Have you outgrown your costume? Too much gamma ray exposure? Gaining a little around the mid-section? Don’t worry, we can do leather alterations as well.

Holy Cow!! A wardrobe malfunction?!?! No sweat! We’re your friendly neighborhood leather cleaner.

LA Leather Cleaners! — We’re faster than a speeding bullet … more powerful than a locomotive … able to jump tall buildings with a single bound …. well, maybe we’re exaggerating but we really enjoy fixing other people’s costumes.

And if you really want to, we can do your own Custom Costume Cleaning (try saying that fast 5 times). We do all of this for you because we support your mission to fight crime, to save damsels in distress and uphold your right to wear your underwear in public!