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Tip of the Month
Caring for Your Leather Bag

Don't throw away money! Clean your handbags with LA Leather Cleaners!

Leather bags easily absorb grease and oils so you need to wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened in water. If you need something stronger, there are leather-specific cleaners as well as conditioners you can purchase. Be sure to read the instructions because different cleaners have different strengths. Use a circular motion when applying. Be sure to remove stains as soon as you can. Chalk powder can be used on organic stains by sprinkling the stain with chalk powder overnight and wipe it off the next day. Before storing your bag during the summer time, stuff it with newspaper to retain the shape of the bag while it is still in storage. Call us if you need help.

Leather Video of the Month
Arzu Kaprol Fall Winter Collection 2012Elton John: Leather Jackets
If you're an Elton John fan, you'll love this 1986 concert video where he sings his tribute to the subject we love most --- LEATHER. CLICK HERE.

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