Don't throw away your dirty bags and purses! We can bring it back to life!

Have you noticed the prices of leather bags and purses lately? They're pretty pricey, aren't they? The good news is, we can bring your leather accesories back to its original luster.

Call us up and we can advice you on your best alternative and the cost involved. Or you can also ship it to us and we will return it to you almost brand new.

You'll be surprised how much you can save instead of buying a new bag.

Purses, hand bags, wallets, covers --- they're all the same. If it's made out of leather (and some other material), we can clean it. We can repair it!

Purse cleaning is performed entirely by hand by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen using techniques specifically suited for the leather material and the repair needed. This is a highly specialized skill able to adapt to a variety of fabrics, as well as the proper cleaning of leather and suede purses.

Handbag cleaning and repair for leather and other popular materials

Purse cleaning procedures may include the following:

  • Stain removal
  • Surface cleaning
  • Lining repair and cleaning
  • Strap repair and cleaning
  • Re-dye of faded leather
  • Steam finishing
  • A coat of stain repellant (including Scotchgard where applicable)
  • Alterations

Leather purse and bag restoration

Restore your vintage or damaged purse or luggage instead of replacing them. Restoration techniques include extensive cleaning, dying, stitching, and material or hardware replacement.

Price varies depending on the size and quality of the material as well as the amount of damage. CLICK HERE to get an idea of our rates.

Purse Care & Storage Tips

  • DO NOT store your purses in the bottom of a closet. Leather is highly absorbent so any excess moisture in floors will cause mold & mildew.
  • DO NOT store purses in plastic bags. Leather needs to breathe. Only use fabric bags to protect from dust.

CLICK HERE for tips on Leather repair, cleaning and maintenance.

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